About AGEA Marketiva
AGEA is an international financial company specialized in providing traders with high quality online trading services. With a team of dedicated financial specialists and technical support personnel, AGEA operates globally by providing its services through several online trading platforms.

AGEA's predecessor company (Marketiva) was founded at the beginning of 2005 by a group of financial professionals. Our team has decades of combined experience in financial markets.

AGEA provides Forex (foreign exchange), Index and Commodity contracts, and financial instruments of other asset classes through several trading platforms; $5 cash reward, so you can start trading right away without depositing your own funds; some of the most competitive spreads on various platforms; latest news, alerts on market events, chat channels, 24-hour support, and the best online trading experience.

Our multinational team consists of financial professionals with decades of combined industry experience working together with computer experts shaping AGEA's trading systems. We are committed to employing people of integrity, initiative and ability, who help us continue a culture of strong work ethic, value of ideas and responsiveness to customer's goals. AGEA is dedicated to continuous technical innovation and regular advancement of its services with the goal of providing traders with an effective, flexible and reliable trading environment.

We ensure that traders experience the highest level of performance, reliability and security by taking advantage of professionally managed network data centers with fully redundant server arrays and internet connections. Our technical staff is committed to ensuring a maximum possible uptime for AGEA's service and 24-hour service accessibility. 

AGEA Locations
Please find our office address and related information below. You can use the address to send us regular mail or if you wish to visit our offices in person. Phone and fax numbers listed below are for corporate-related matters only since we do not provide customer support over the phone, nor do we accept due-diligence documents sent to the fax number listed. Please use our sophisticated online facilities that provide a more efficient and cost-effective alternative to traditional phone support.

Agea Jinrong DOO
Bulevar Ivana Crnojevica 107
Podgorica, 81000
08:00 - 16:00 CET / CEST (Monday - Friday)
+382 (20) 664-320, +382 (20) 664-130 (Fax)

Customer support for our financial services is exclusively provided through our sophisticated online facilities. The quickest and most reliable way to contact AGEA is by talking to us directly using Live Support button at our web site or through support channels within our trading platform.

In order to maintain high levels of availability, performance and security, AGEA operates its state-of-the-art network across a number of electronic space providers located in Europe, Asia and North America. 

AGEA Regulatory Information
Agea Jinrong DOO is a limited liability company incorporated in the Republic of Montenegro with registration number 5-0557722.

Because over-the-counter market-making services are currently not within regulatory framework of the Securities Commission of the Republic of Montenegro (SCMN), Agea Jinrong DOO is working continuously with legal and compliance experts based in the EU to make sure its services are fully compliant with the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID), which is a EU law that provides harmonized regulation for financial services across the EU member states. Furthermore, Montenegro is currently an official candidate for membership in the EU and formal adoption of the Directive is expected to take place within a year.

The European Parliament and Council adopted the Directive 2004/39/EC on Markets in Financial Instruments (MiFID), which aims to regulate the markets of financial instruments for provision of investment services and activities within the European Economic Area (EEA). MiFID provides a harmonized regulatory regime for investment services within the European Economic Area. The main objectives of the Directive are to increase efficiency, enhance financial transparency, increase competition, and offer greater consumer protection in investment services.

In line with MiFID requirements and the legal framework in Montenegro, AGEA has adopted appropriate policies and procedures outlined in the following documents:
  • Risk Disclosure Statement
  • Best Execution Policy
  • Conflict of Interest Policy
  • Client Categorization Policy
  • Islamic Trading Policy
  • Customer Complaint Procedures
  • Payment Policy
  • Anti-Money Laundering Policy
In addition to various support and resolution channels provided, our clients can use the Financial Information and Complaint Resolution System (FICRS). It is an autonomous web site that presents comprehensive self-regulatory information, and allows our clients to continuously monitor financial condition of Agea Jinrong DOO and submit complaints in cases when clients are not satisfied with answers received through our standard support and resolution channels.

Client funds held with Agea Jinrong DOO are maintained in separate bank accounts at CKB AD, which is the largest commercial bank in Montenegro. Our services and related online support are continuously available from Monday 00:00 to Friday 23:59 GMT.

Legal age is an age when it is allowed for a person to enter into a legal agreement. If a person is under the legal age in his or her country, agreement that such person executes is not valid. If you are not of legal age, you cannot open an account and trade with us.

AGEA Marketiva has introduced Zero-Interest policy on all open positions on the default Streamster trading platform. No overnight interest is currently charged or paid on open positions on that platform. For that reason there are no conflicts between AGEA's service on our default platform and Islamic Riba prohibition.
AGEA Marketiva Forex (foreign exchange), Index and Commodity contracts, and financial instruments of other asset classes.

Foreign Exchange (Forex) is by far the largest market in the world, in terms of cash value traded, and includes trading between large banks, central banks, currency speculators, multinational corporations, governments, and other financial markets, institutions and entities. Forex traders simultaneously buy one currency and sell another and currencies are always priced and traded in pairs. There is no central physical exchange where Forex transactions occur since currency trading is freely carried out between counterparties, in person, by phone or online.

Market index is a representation of value of a set of securities that constitute certain market sector or industry, have similar market capitalization, or are listed on the same exchange. Indexes often serve as barometers against which financial or economic performance is measured. Various methods are utilized to determine index values, some of them favoring market capitalization, others market share or price of a security. Major international market indexes are commonly published in media as indicators of economic trends in various parts of the world.

Commodities are basic resources and raw or primary products such as metals, energy and agricultural products. These resources and products are traded on commodities exchanges and over-the-counter markets, in which they are bought and sold in standardized contracts. Open auction, which involved traders meeting face-to-face in trading pits, was the primary method of trading before introduction of today prevalent electronic trading systems. Participants in commodities trading range from farming cooperatives hedging against a poor harvest to oil companies and market speculators.

Investment funds are offered by various institutions, investment banks, financial firms and other entities, and fund shares are purchased and sold through centralized exchanges or in direct retail sale. Funds are often structured to target specific geographic regions, specific industries or investment styles. Fund investors are typically advised to hold their shares for at least one year to offset initial charges and potential drawdowns in fund share prices. Funds are considered long-term investments and are normally not associated with speculative and day-trading.

Currently AGEA does not provide trading services in Fund instruments. Investment funds listed are for educational purposes only.

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